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Create (TV network)

Create is an American digital broadcast television network owned by American Public Television (APT). The network, broadcasts how-to, DIY and other lifestyle-oriented

dth-provides-online-solution-to-direct-to-home-televisionDth provides online solution to direct to home television
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DTH is online platform for rendering flawless direct to home television services to viewers within half an hour of ordering the service.

, published , pages

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Future Cop (TV series)

Future Cop is an American science fiction television series which starred Ernest Borgnine and Michael Shannon. It was based on the TV movie of the same

the-future-of-tv-35578304The future of TV
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It’s the Battle of the Century, and the front line is in our living room. Billions are at stake as Media giants, Tech titans and Internet innovators revolutionise the Future of TV.

Future TV 2025
Institut de l’audiovisuel et des télécommunications en Europe (IDATE) (Montpellier), published 2013, 48 pages

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Educational television

Educational television or Learning show is the use of television programs in the field of distance education. It may be in the form of individual television

edutv20-in-digital-media-and-social-networksEduTV2.0 in Digital Media and Social Networks
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Educational Television 2.0 has been awarded with the "Stamp of Good Digital Practice" in the Action Learning 2.0 plus Competition. Our submission was one of the 20 in total 91 submissions that have been awarded with this Stamp. Action Learning 2.0 plus Competition (at the URL, was organised from the University of Athens, part of the project "Youth in action" of the European Commision. Educational Television 2.0 was presented in English, during the "Intersocial Workshop on Online Social Networks: Challenges and Perspectives" in Patras co-organised from Universtities of Patras, Bari and Ioannina (at the URL Educational Television 2.0 is an open collaborative learning environment supporting interactions among members in discussions and social networking applications (social objects). The second generation of EduTV is a multimedia platform connected to social networks which offers students and teachers the environment and the tools to design and create their own multimedia projects reusing and remixing the available videos and newly documented digital content.

Educational Television, what Do People Want?: Proceedings of a European …
Manfred Meyer, published 1997, 246 pages

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441-line television system

station was also relayed by a special coaxial cables network to "wide screen" public "TV-rooms" (fernsehstuben) so it carried on this way until 1944. Sample

barnali-bagchis-beautiful-artworkBarnali Bagchi’s Beautiful Artwork
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Proceedings IWISP ’96, 4–7 November 1996; Manchester, UK: Third …
unknown, published 1996, 708 pages

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Bravia (brand)

[1] Sony Google TV, hands on – CNET., Sony

the-student-tv-networkThe Student TV Network:
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Advanced Media Network provides full-service versatile communication solutions for internal marketing and communications. This includes, but is not limited to news, weather, traffic, video, and advertisements featured in a custom-designed layout on a flat screen HD LCD display. It allows for greater communication within your business in a convenient and eco-friendly manner.

Flatscreen: A Novel
Adam Wilson, published 2012, 336 pages

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