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Post-WIMP) PC: wide screen, scrollable interfaces, complex layouts, complex media types, fully transactional, keyboard, pointer TV: wide screen, explicit layout

how-much-is-organic-coffeeHow Much Is Organic Coffee?
from BuyOrganicCoffee, ago in How Much Is Organic Coffee? If you want the best coffee you want to drink organic Arabica coffee from Colombia. How much is organic coffee compared to non-organic? And how much is high quality Arabica coffee from the mountains of Colombia compared to less aromatic and flavorful types of coffee. The Price of Basic Coffee We were recently in a coffee farmer’s cooperative in a small town in the heart of the Colombian coffee growing district, the Eje Cafetero. On one wall was a wide screen TV showing up-to-the-minute coffee futures prices quoted from New York. This updated coffee trading price is what the coffee farmer gets for basic coffee picked, with the fruit removed and dried when delivered down the mountain. The CME/NYMEX base price of coffee futures deliverable as of this writing for July 2016 is $1.3270 a pound. Futures for later delivery are progressively higher with March 2018 at $1.4665 a pound. If you are trading coffee, by the way, contract units are 37,500 pounds and quoted in dollars. Consider this the basis on which organic coffee is priced. But how does this price compare with what you pay for a cup of coffee and why?

Proceedings IWISP ’96, 4–7 November 1996; Manchester, UK: Third …
unknown, published 1996, 708 pages

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LED display

opposed to informational) purposes. The first true all-LED flat panel television screen was possibly developed, demonstrated and documented by James

wall-mounts-plasma-lcd-led-flat-tv-monitor-mountsWall Mounts | Plasma, LCD, LED, Flat TV & Monitor Mounts
from pradeepnegi5494, ago in
Cotytech manufactures and sells wall and ceiling mounts for plasma, LCD, LED, flat screen TV & computer monitors including wall, ceiling & corner mounts and mount accessories.

Popular Science
unknown, published unknown, 120 pages

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PTCL Smart TV is an Internet Protocol TV service in Pakistan owned by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). It entered the IPTV-sector on

android-tv-market-analysis-and-comments-october-2-2016Android TV and Smart TV Market Analysis
from paulyoungcga, ago in
This presentation discuss the android tv market including a look at the long-term changes to the market. Android TV boxes have grown due to people wanting to watch online content via their television. The problem is that android box market has become very saturated with players as such price war has started to happen within the android market space.

Smart TV Security: Media Playback and Digital Video Broadcast
Benjamin Michéle, published 2015, 92 pages

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DuMont Television Network

The DuMont Television Network (also known as the DuMont Network, simply DuMont/Du Mont, or (incorrectly) Dumont /duːmɒnt/) was one of the world’s pioneer

megavue-multilingual-television-network-change-the-entertainment-experience-25915Megavue multilingual television network change the entertainment experience 25.9.15
from digitaltelevisionnetwork, ago in
Oh I will miss my favourite program as I am out of my home. Many of us think like this when we have to go out of station for many days. But now just imagine you are out of your home and then also there is no need to miss the program. Wow it’s amazing isn’t it. Yes this has become possible now and all credit goes to Megavue television network.

Digital Television: Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial, IPTV, Mobile TV in the …
Hervé Benoit, published 2008, 289 pages

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Future Television

founded in 1993 by Rafik Hariri, a former Prime Minister of Lebanon. Future TV is also available via satellite in the Arab World, European Union, United

bbc-presention-future-of-tvBBC Presentation – Future of TV – Orchestrated Media – New Gatekeepers in the Living Room Means More Disruption …
from expathos, ago in
Please email if you would like a copy. Presentation from Belfast in July 2012 to 60 technologists, creatives and executives over three sessions at BBC Northern Ireland on July 27th. Orchestrated Media – New Gatekeepers in the Living Room Means More Disruption (Or Democratisation) of TV Industry This session looks at the future disruption of Television industry analyzing topics such as Temporal Metadata and Monetizing 2nd Screen TV and the evolution of Social TV and 2nd Screen engagement to a more comprehensive TV companion experience including Communication (TVoip), Commerce (tCommerce and micropayments), Community (Live events), Transmedia(narrative shift), Gamify (vote, win, predict), Personalisation (algorithms), Context (companion apps) and Social TV (discovery and dissemination). In-depth, international look at European, US and global solutions and perspectives – as the small screens (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops) are taking more eyeballs from the big screen during 30 second spots. How will the current TV value chain, underpinned by brand spot advertising based on archaic, legacy audience measurement systems stay relevant with new gatekeepers, smarter devices and software, and new consumer behaviour such as media stacking? _________ “Richard provided an excellent vision of how the media industry is converging and what form a future world of orchestrated media may take. He has a great style and was very well received by a wide range of creative technology and production professionals.” August 1, 2012 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative 1st Mervyn Middleby Head of Technology and Operations at BBC Northern Ireland hired Richard as a Media Futurist in 2012

Personalized Digital Television: Targeting Programs to Individual Viewers
unknown, published 2006, 321 pages

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