Buying a TV - 5 Tips

By: Andrew Emerson |

Several years ago you could simply look at TV advertisements in a newspaper or magazine, choose the cheapest deal for a particular TV size and then walk into a store to make a purchase. However nowadays, with so many models and competing technologies available in the electronic market, you cannot equate the best prices with the best deals anymore. Therefore there is more to think about and if you want to track down the best value deal, you should not overlook the following essential tips:

Size of the Set

They are obviously, generally larger than in the past. Even before you think of buying a TV, measure the dimensions of the area of your home to ensure that your TV fits in perfectly. It is better to leave a spare couple of inches on all the sides of the set to ensure easy installation of cables.

Size of the Screen

An even larger jump in size for screens than for sets! To make viewing comfortable, you must see that enough space is left between the sitting area and the TV. This would depend on the size of the TV and the room. Ideally, you should leave 8' for a 26" TV, 10' for a 32" TV and 11' for a 36 inch TV. For bigger TV screens exceeding 50', at least 12' should be left.


You also need to pay attention to the actual environment of the TV room. Such factors as the size of the room, the type of video or audio set up and acoustics, along with how light the room is will determine how the sound levels and brightness of screen that you'll need.

Picture Quality

You can judge the picture quality of a TV by looking at the degree of darkness of its screen and picture tube when it is switched off. A TV with a flat screen reflects lesser glare from the windows and helps in comfortable viewing. TVs with comb filters are equipped to remove the 'dot crawl' appearing along the object edges in the picture. Consider buying a TV with progressive scan image to give a film-like look to a plain video.

Remote Controls

While buying a TV, check out its remote control configuration and judge whether you find it easy to operate. Also, see whether it is a universal remote so that it could be easily replaced when damaged or lost.

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